hhmi counter info

So you want a counter on your web page? First, if you're not an HHMI/STI fellow or alum, please go somewhere else. No offense, but we're not supporting the whole Web here.

If you are an HHMI/STI fellow or alum, follow the following instructions:

  1. contact the Website administrator (currently Gavin LaRose) in some appropriate manner (e.g., by e-mail to glarose@NebrWesleyan.edu) telling
    1. who you are
    2. when you were an HHMI/STI fellow
    3. what your HHMI/STI username is and
    4. what page you want the counter for
    none of the following will work until that person has initialized the counter on the server
  2. then put the counter in your page. this is done like any other image--except that the counting is actually done on the server, so we have to edit things a bit. the general form of the HTML to insert in your page (you will probably have to edit this by hand--in source mode if you're using a WYSIWYG editor like Pagemill):
        <img src="/cgi-bin/support/Count.cgi?df=name&option=value&option=value">
    The important parts of this are:
    1. the df=name: the value of name will be given to you by the benevolent system administrator noted above.
    2. the option=value: there can be any number of these, all separated by &s. some of the possible options are given below.

    Possible Options
    There are many more options than these; see the WWW access counter page for a complete list.

    option values meaning
    dd digit type specify digit style to use; possible styles are:
    A  : :
    B  : :
    C  : :
    D  : :
    E  : :
    cd  : :
    cdr  : :
    cdd  : :
    ft frame thickness how thick a frame to put around the counter; use ft=0 for no frame
    frgb frame rgb color specify color of frame in RGB (red/green/blue) format; use frgb=100;139;216 or frgb=648bd8 to specify the RGB triple in either base ten or hex. (e.g., orange is mostly red, some green: specify one of frgb=255;165;0 in base ten or frgb=ffa500 in hex)
    tr transparency on/off you can set one color of the counter to be transparent; to do this, specify tr=Y. if you do not also specify a color with trgb the default color black will be transparent.
    trgb transparency color specify the color in RGB format to be made transparent; to see how to specify the RGB triple see frgb above.

    Some examples
    <img src="/cgi-bin/support/Count.cgi?df=name&dd=C&ft=0">
    <img src="/cgi-bin/support/Count.cgi?df=name&dd=cdd&ft=5&frgb=000080&tr=Y">

HHMI/STI counter info
last changed 20 June 2000
questions/comments to the web geek noted above